Liacon™️ Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries

As an industry disruptor, our technology sets a new benchmark by delivering up to 10 times more power than leading competitors in the lithium-ion space.

LFP battery racks

Battery racks for integrating into grid, residential, and industrial storage systems. Includes a thermal management and a module control unit.

LFP battery modules

Equipment manufacturers can incorporate these modules into their own system designs. These are suitable for a variety of applications, including e-trucks, EVs, stationary energy storage systems, and more.

Tailor-made Batteries

Combines customized cell R&D and battery system engineering designs to deliver tailor-made batteries for highly-specialized industrial applications.


How much more usable capacity LiaconTM batteries have compared to standard lead-acid solutions.

10x Faster

Charge rate compared to leading lead-acid & lithium-ion competitors.

10x Longer

Cycle life compared to lead-acid batteries.

Up To 5x Longer

Service life compared to standard lithium-ion batteries.

Over 3 Gigawatts

The amount of power that batteries produced in just one year at Liacon™️ could generate.


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