TRION Battery Technologies and Forge Nano join forces to use Forge Nano’s Atomic Armor™ with TRION’s SX-silicon to enhance lithium-ion battery performance

  • TRION Battery Technologies and Forge Nano Enter Memorandum of Understanding for Establishing a Strategic Partnership to Enhance Lithium-Ion Battery Performance.

Calgary, Canada, and Denver, CO, August 23rd 2023 – Forge Nano, a global leader in precision nano-coating technology, and TRION Battery Technologies, though its US subsidiary (TRION Energy Solutions), a leading provider of next-generation silicon solutions and commercial battery production, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore a strategic partnership aimed at improving lithium-ion battery performance using Forge Nano’s Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) coating technology with TRION’s SX-silicon materials.

The MoU signifies a collaborative effort between TRION and Forge Nano. Together they will investigate how they can combine their state-of-the-art technologies to improve the capacity and safety of today’s lithium-Ion batteries, a game changer for aerospace and defence markets, targeted by Forge Nano. Upon successful development of lithium-ion batteries combining their technologies, the companies will enter into a supplier agreement for Trion to supply at scale its SX-silicon anode materials to Forge Nano. The technological advantage achieved by combining the technologies of both companies would position Forge Nano as an undeniable force in the industry.

Forge Nano’s ALD material coatings have demonstrated remarkable improvements on multiple lithium-ion battery electrode materials, and both companies anticipate similar enhancements when combined with TRION’s SX-silicon materials. TRION’s SX-silicon materials and electrolyte were developed by pioneering ex-3M battery scientists and overcome the major challenges of using silicon in today’s batteries, achieving the best combination of high energy density and cycle-life compared to other silicon solutions. Performance milestones include achieving >1,000 full depth-of- discharge cycles in cylindrical cells with silicon.

“TRION is delighted to enter into this MoU with Forge Nano, which demonstrates the superior performance of TRION’s SX-silicon and is a significant acceleration of our commercialization strategy” said Timothy Mayne, CEO at Trion Battery Technologies. “The fact that Forge Nano have chosen TRION’s SX-silicon further reinforces the value proposition of our materials to cell manufacturers,” said Vincent Chevrier, PhD, CTO of TRION Battery Technologies.

Trion Battery Technologies, known for its cutting-edge silicon battery technologies, and Forge Nano, known for its precision nano-coating technology and battery formulation expertise, are an ideal match for such a partnership. As batteries increasingly penetrate demanding markets such as defence, aerospace, and electric mobility, the collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the combined potential and performance of their technologies to take performance to the next level.

“The partnership between Trion Battery Technologies and Forge Nano is particularly exciting because it aligns perfectly with the rigorous requirements of the markets we are targeting,” explained James Trevey, CTO at Forge Nano. “Our technologies are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance, making them a perfect fit for defense, aerospace, and electric mobility markets. Additionally, this partnership allows us to build a robust US supply chain, leveraging TRION’s activities in Minnesota and Forge Nano’s operations in Colorado.”

The MoU outlines the scope of the collaboration, defining the framework for joint testing and evaluation of Forge Nano’s ALD material coatings on TRION’s SX-silicon materials. The partnership aims to enhance lithium-ion battery performance by extending battery life, improving energy density, and enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

Trion Battery Technologies and Forge Nano are excited about the opportunities this strategic partnership presents and are committed to exploring the full potential of ALD coating technology and SX-silicon in the field of lithium-ion batteries.

About TRION Battery Technologies:

TRION Battery Technologies Inc. is an emerging global leader in next-generation silicon solutions and commercial battery production headquartered in Calgary, Canada. TRION completed the strategic acquisition of Liacon in July 2022, making it the only early-stage battery materials company with large-scale battery production capabilities as well as next-generation proprietary battery technology. TRION’s groundbreaking silicon technology delivers a step-change improvement to lithium-ion battery energy storage capacity and cycle-life, delivering performance that’s unprecedented for silicon today. Higher energy storage capacity delivers increased range for electric vehicles, or longer runtime for electronic devices such as smart phones. Trion’s silicon is a drop-in solution for battery manufacturers today, and is produced with metallurgical grade silicon and other abundant materials without the use of silane gas. For more information, visit

About Forge Nano:

Forge Nano is a fast-growing specialty chemical developer and product commercialization partner. Forge Nano commercialized Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology for powders and has become the uncontested leader in materials science innovation and commercialization using ALD. The commercial-scale ALD technology, called Atomic Armor, is being implemented around the world and in Li-ion batteries [at giga-scale] is being used for improving product performance and reducing process costs for battery materials. Forge Nano is dedicated to development of a robust and resilient North American supply chain for Li-ion batteries and is using Atomic Armor to provide differentiation on cost, performance, and safety. For more information, visit


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